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Hong ❀

Hong ❀


October 29, 2012

     long time ,I don't have to write and alculate; today,some people  kidding me ;send me some math problems let me do;ohh~~~~

  it  spent me  more than two hours to solve a problem, the feeling's crazy,I can't describe the feeling;

 i'm a lazy person ,it made me so tired ;in the end, I found out that it was some junior high school math problem,But I use the dialectics to think about them;crazy ,very crazy thing;

   it make me feel that i like a brain-dead fool, let me  use university mathematics to solve;    i  think myself will also be cheated.

    Such is life, always often appear some surprise  things  in your life; but i fell a bit of  tired;

    uhhhhh`~~~ fell the day is  too late ,i want to sleep;Innocent


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