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Russian Federation

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April 24, 2009

Hello everyone who tried, is trying or will try to add me as friend..

I DON'T do this.. and that's my policy here..




im not that kind who's "collecting" contacts just for a list.. when im interested in any person and really wanna get him/her as friend, i will find many other options to do that.. and e-baby is not on top.. so hope now everything's clear for you.. if not, then sorry, i won't change my "rules" no matter what =)


take care you all


best wishes,


your Star39.. 

06:48 AM Apr 29 2009


Russian Federation

Paulo, so far i remember we communicate all the time and "not being in contact list" doesn't disturb us ;)

12:17 AM Apr 29 2009


Star, it's Paulo.

I understand your situation. I've tried to add in my friends list, but when you told me why you don't add friends I stopped trying to do it. There many ways of getting friends besides adding them. There forums and english chat, where you can make friends without needing to add them. 

06:50 AM Apr 24 2009


Russian Federation

ehhhh, actually i explained everything above..

06:28 AM Apr 24 2009


Syrian Arab Republic

I just want to know way?!!!?!?!

06:15 AM Apr 24 2009


Russian Federation

thanks Prince_of_love for understanding :)

05:55 AM Apr 24 2009

United States

Dont worry, Star39! we all are gonna respect ur policy, this is your decision and we as english,baby members will definietly understand and respect your policy.

It's wonderful when a person knows what he/she wants and it becomes more wonderful when the person walks on his/her decision.

Good luck, take care!