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February 3, 2008

I'll live in your memory 
Like a simple downpour
Of stars and goblins 
I'll roam for your stomach
Biting each illusion.

You will be living in my dreams 
Like indelible ink 
Like stain steel
Not forgotten language
When two make love.
I toasted in your cheeks
Like the sun in the afternoon
Tears are my body
I do not live in one second
To tell you that without you I die.

I stayed in your eyes, my well
No longer close my eyes
I dared to the deepest
I choke on the seas
Your departure ...
I'll walk unknowingly 
I'll put on your body 
Like traces of iron
I'll eat of your surplus
Inside your heart.

And I will be a sea desert
A phrase silent
The elegy for a kiss
A planet of jealousy
Sculpting a song.