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Oh it's good to be back home again

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June 8, 2008


Long,long ago,a student, was promised by his fiancee about marriage some day. But as that day come, the fiancee actually married another person. The student was brokened, and falls ill.
Then, as soon as passed by the roaming, a Buddhist priest saw him.The priest fishes out a mirror from the bosom and call the student to look that ...... the student saw a boundless sea, a murdered female lies down stark naked on the beach. a person passed by, looked her, shooked head, walks away. Another person passed by,he takes off his clothes, covered to the female corpse, and walks away. Then the third person passed by, he dug a pit, buried cautiously the corpse.

The Buddhist priest explains that the female corpse, is your fiancee's previous generation. You are the human who second passed by, once had given her clothes. This life,she and you loves one another, only for return your sentiment.But she must repay the entire life for the finally human,who buries her.That person is her present's husband.

finally. . Student understand.

Is the previous generation, actually who buries you?

Meng Po said: “traveling human, eats abowl of Meng Po soup to relieve thirst.”The thirsty person impatient drank. therefore, that person who buried them in previous generation, memories blurs gradually in their brains. They start to looking around in all directions, attempts to seek for this life's spouse in the boundless huge crowd.

When actually, you take along his hand, the previous generation surviving memory is reminding you, he is the person buried you in the previous generation.

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12:03 AM Sep 12 2008


it is very heart-warming.it seems like a buddhism story.

10:26 PM Sep 02 2008


United States

you are so cute...if you here..I gonna to kiss you...hooo..^______________________^*