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Viet Nam

April 21, 2012

Working so hard after 5 years in my group. It is my first job, my first company and my first group after graduating. Actually, there are so many happiness, sadness, difficult in work what makes me grow up more. This place where I have friends, coworker, funny supporters. I know I love them much. 

This time, it is time for changing. Hearing new information from company that my group of job will end in some next months. What I can say?? Cannot cry, cannot think, cannot do anything. Everyone is surprised and worry about losing job or doing another job what they do not like. Me, seem there are a big hurt although I made plan for resigning after finishing my studying. It look likes that I cannot touch this dream.
Dreaming to my group will become a big group of company, dreaming about good future for members but .....Many efforts of everyone seem losing now.

It is so sad but I understand about reason, it is business, slowly in adapting with changing of technology, but actually it is not our fault, it is just viewpoints of managers is not enough far. It is life, one of managers said us and it is normal for everyone who worked a long time but for me, it is shocked.

Many members look for a new job in this time. Me, just think so simple, finish all current jobs and also do the same thing with them. But I am not hurry up.
Everyone is joining a Marathon race and I am only a walker. How can I can catch up them.

Try your best, myself. Be stronger....
I am going to make plan in next 5 years
My dream, I am going to touch to you.....

September 10, 2011

“Chiếc đèn ông sao, sao năm cánh tươi màu,...

 Em cầm đèn sao, em hát vang vang….” 

When listening this song in each Mid-Autumn Day, I miss about you, a small girl has a nice voice. I met you at Nguyen Dinh Chieu school where spend for bind persons in an volunteer trip. I also remember that you were about 10 ages in that year. I look you at my concentration and you were singing this song.

I told you: “You sing so well, you should become a singer in future”

You start out of singing and answer sweetly “I like Mid-Autumn Day and I miss my home”

You were born in family who catch dioxin poison because your grand-father fought in war to protect Vietnam many years ago. So you cannot see anything when from you were born.

You said to me “I wish that I can see star light just once time in my life”. I tried to describe for you how does star light look like and about the meaning of stars in the dark night. I became your tutor from that day. You are very intelligent and often ask me many questions.

You asked “What is your favorite color, teacher?

I answered quickly “That is blue because I love peace. Mid-Autumn Day is going to come; we will make star-light and make our wishes. Do you agree?

You smiled and said “Yeah. I like it so much”

Before the Mid-Autumn about 2 days, I had to come back my hometown and I made for you a small yellow star-light. Then I went to your school in Mid-Autumn Day but your head master said that your family is going to move to Tay Nguyen, so he picked you. I received your gift from the head master; it is a small blue star-light. I looked at the moonlight with 2 star-lights and made our wishes.

Many years passed away and my dream has not been become true, just stop by studying and working hard. Do you know? I often miss to you when Mid-Autumn Day comes. Sometimes, I feel so tired with life and work but when I miss about our wishes, I tried to go ahead and continue my way because I believe that our dream will come true.

Let’s live well and let’s dream to make wonderful things

Wish that all unlucky children like you are always taken care and looked at from everyone.

Wish that all children will have a happy Mid-Autumn Day

Wish that everyone will have a warm Mid-Autumn Day with family and friends

Wish that everyday is a happy Mid-Autumn Day

11:10 PM Sep 12 2011

Saenger D

Saenger D

sorry my dear friend

I didn t forget mid autum festival

but, I havev been busy these days

so enjoy my morning greetings with cappuccino

02:29 PM Sep 12 2011

Talk Now

Talk Now

Hello Dear Ali ,

i like to share with you and with children in Vietnam this Song Smile


At Mid-autumn festival,
walk around with lanterns lit.
Take them all across the town, 
singing to the autumn moon.
Lanterns all in different shapes, lantern angel, lantern dream,
Lantern fish, or lantern star, lantern swan or butterfly.
Take my lantern to the sky; 
take my lantern to the moon!

02:24 PM Sep 12 2011

Talk Now

Talk Now

That is blue because I love peace. Mid-Autumn Day is going to come; we will make star-light and make our wishes. Do you agree?

02:20 PM Sep 12 2011

Talk Now

Talk Now

May all your dreams will come true Dear Ali ,

Happy Mid-Autumn Day for you , your family and all the children in the world ,

The nice pictures before Mid Autumn festival day

The nice pictures before Mid Autumn festival day

The nice pictures before Mid Autumn festival day

The nice pictures before Mid Autumn festival day

Moon cake

i wish you Tet Trung Thu Dear friend Smile

June 26, 2011

June, it is time I am scared the most in a year. June, it is time I have many important decisions June, it is time to remind me about the best memory long time ago June, it is time I should love myself more I did June, it is time to write special things for you as I did in these years June, it is time to look back what I did and make plan for next year June, it is time I feel sad sometimes June, it is time I find myself June, it is time to thanks my parent because I was born June and waiting for autumn. Back in June, when we were so young, It's gone too soon, befor our love was done. We had a chance to make it happen, We had a chance to love somehow. It could have been so picture perfect, It's too late to have that now. Back in June, If I knew all this would happen, Still chose you, I wouldn't trade all of our passion. I can't change the ending, And I don't want to change your mind. Yeah. I've learned lessons in the mending, And I made it through just fine.

10:53 AM Jul 30 2011

Saenger D

Saenger D

09:33 AM Jul 29 2011

Viet Nam

@talknow: My dear friend, you are right.

June brought to me many sweet things, so I like June more but it is also reason I am scared. Miss about past time and scare present time. And it is just a feeling to sorry about something. This feeling makes us feel so scared, it is same to you dream, when you wake up, everything disappears quickly.

But I believe that I can try to make my present to sweet memory in future. Thank you. So what is your birthday? :)

08:16 AM Jul 29 2011

Viet Nam

To brasilero: Yeah. Long time no see. I miss you. How are you? I am fine and a bit busy in Vietnam now. :) You had a new account. :) Welcome to come back with us.

Wish you have  nice weekend

07:08 AM Jul 28 2011

Talk Now

Talk Now

impressive , i love it . Cry

, you was born in June , it's the time of best memories , the time of love , the time or writing good letters , the time to rearrange yourself  , the time to find your self ..........

so why you are scared from June ? it must be the best month for you, June is great month , All this good things are happened in a Happy month . be optimistic Smile

06:49 AM Jul 26 2011

Saenger D

Saenger D


I found you back

after a very long time

how are you doing ?

where are you now ? in vietnam ?
send a message ,please

my former name has been brasilero

do  you remember on me ??

take care