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Viet Nam

November 8, 2010


I met you tonight at a small Hue restaurant in District 7. I went with some friends because they are Hue residents and they want to introduce to me some foods for night meal. Today it is almost flood in my place due to high tide. It is one of the special thing in Ho Chi Minh city, water in everywhere, we cannot come back home after working time, so we spend time together to talk and have a dinner.

Actually, I had a good impression when I see your eyes with glasses. I know that you are not one person I met but I feel that I met you another place. Actually, I cannot remember who you are and I think you too.

I do not know why I had this feeling and it is hard to describe how it is. You make surprised about myself. You are only alone in small corner of restaurant and we have a group. We talked much and you are silent. I saw you because your table is opposite to our table. I tried to remember whether we knew together but I cannot. We only look and smile. I talked much with my friends and seem it is reason you never talked any words even if when you payed money for your meal.

What a pity because I cannot listen your voice. Actually, you are same to him much as you see and smile with me. It is same to last time I talked with him. I miss I cried much that day .Why?? I cannot understand.

I feel you are rather same to him when you gave a little money for a poor child.Of course, you are not him but I only wish you are him only some seconds because I really want to call your name once time. I think I am dreaming... because it is only my feeling... feeling about a good memory. I know I will never meet you anymore like never met him any more. But I will remember that eyes.

Strange person!!

Thanks because I had a chance to meet you tonight.

Thanks because I know that world is small

Thanks because you look like same to him.

Thanks because you let me know that there are many wonderful things in life

Thanks because you help to me to remember about him.

Life brought him to me and life also brought him far away me forever and I looked for these eyes in 5 years.

Strange person, you will never know how it is important because this is my dream. Just some seconds I feel that he is besides to me. I cried because I am happy now. Anyways, I will go ahead where he is not waiting for me but I know he always smile and wish that happiness will come to me.

Thank you very much.

NT- Midnight Monday, Nov 11st 2010


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08:11 AM Jul 28 2011

Talk Now

Talk Now

i don't know where happiness come from ? coming from close person or strange person , not imporant they are the same at this moment .

thank you , i love this story