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Viet Nam

November 20, 2010

I did not come to bus station many years. Actually, I cannot stand to move by bus to go to my hometown. My hometown is far to this city about 1000km so I never use bus to come back my home. I remember the first time I went to this city by bus and it was a bad memory. All money and my luggages lost. Everyone often says that it is an unsafe bus station and robber is everywhere. 

For some reasons, my father sent something by bus and I must to go there to get it. I do not like to go there but I have to. Station is improved much but seem it is not better much. This station is a biggest station of HCM city so it is crowd and unsafe. I had experience before so this time I am very careful. After receiving goods, I am preparing to go out this station then a bus driver called me, I turn back and he asked me about additional money. Actually I can give some little money but I do not like the way he asked. But I want to run away this place immediately so I gave it for him. I opened my wallet and that is reason all money are lost again. And everyone is smiling. I wonder why everyone does not help to catch robber. Why?? I wish I were a strong boy this moment, I will follow and catch that guy in jail. 

Yeah. Unlucky Sunday... it is so boring and upset...

I think I will never go to there anymore and I will report this situation to police in this station. Hope that everything is more fine in near future.

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View all entries from weekend >

07:58 AM Jul 28 2011

Talk Now

Talk Now

No Dear , it's not unlucky Sunday , it's an expected event , place with bad people is frightful , you shouldn't went there  . 

OK , you know that , you said it (I think I will never go to there anymore

11:06 PM Nov 20 2010


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i am so sorry for that bad experience but i recommend you to be more and more cautious, that sort of events occure every where in  the world even in luxury places, and i heard a lot of such experiences from my friends, so i put the big part of my money in my jeans pocket , i never have all my money in my vollet and if possible i dont carry any precious thing in my hand bag unless i am very very caring of it, anyway i hope you never have such experiences again ...