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Viet Nam

November 24, 2010

A gift for you in 2010 year, my best friend... I miss you much. Sorry it should be 2008 but I want to change to 2010 because I wish that it will happen again. :) I'd like to write this story 1 year ago but I was so busy to do it, so maybe it is a late gift but I wish you can read


Lunar New Year is coming soon in Vietnam and everyone is also busy these days with buying Tet gift, buying new clothes, decorating their house... And most of people who live so far their family like me are going to come back our hometown to get a happy new year with family and friends.

Dec 25th 2010 in Lunar Calendar.... 17:00PM, just finish my last meeting in 2010, I am very tired but very happy to bring luggage to airport to prepare for my trip come back my hometown, Quang Nam province. My friend drove motorbike to bring me to airport on time because my flight starts at 20:00 but I must to go to there before at least about 1 hour. Sai Gon is very hot these days but today wind is much and strong. I love wind much and like songs about wind. 3 years maybe a long time with someone but to me, it is not so long and not so short but it is enough for me to know a bit about this city. Life is so busy.... no time for relaxing... working and studying hard is what I had during 3 years. I left my hometown due to many reasons and this city is current station for my life train. I had both good memory and bad memory in here. But what I had, they are good friends who always share with me happiness and sadness. And maybe it is a memory about him. I lived like that in 3 years, no thinking...no relaxing... just sometimes smile with myself and continue to go ahead.

Tan Son Nhat airport 18:00, it takes about 1 hour to move from District 7 to airport. My friend bough me some cakes and he said that it is a gift for me in new year. I was so happy because he is my good friend and also my good young brother. I say goodbye to him and go to check-in department to check some information about ticket and sitting in waiting room. I am very eager to meet my family. ........ And everything is just starting...

To be continues.... in next part

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View all entries from weekend >

07:45 AM Jul 28 2011

Talk Now

Talk Now

i like your way in description