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Viet Nam

December 24, 2010

Xmas comes now around my city, light with many colors is so beautiful. I received many cards and gifts from friends. But there was a gift which I never forget, a nice card made by hand from you. I know you are not artist and I often joked that you are not good at drawing any more but I really like what you did that Xmas.

Thank you very much for last warm Xmas. 

Thank you for nice gifts

Thank you because you came in my life

I know that I will never have a chance to receive any other gifts but I will keep your gifts like a good memory about Xmas.

Happy Xmas to you, I know that you are seeing me from that place.

Do not worry about me. I am also fine and keeping my foot to go head

Merry Xmas to my family, my friends and everyone

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