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Viet Nam

April 21, 2012

Working so hard after 5 years in my group. It is my first job, my first company and my first group after graduating. Actually, there are so many happiness, sadness, difficult in work what makes me grow up more. This place where I have friends, coworker, funny supporters. I know I love them much. 

This time, it is time for changing. Hearing new information from company that my group of job will end in some next months. What I can say?? Cannot cry, cannot think, cannot do anything. Everyone is surprised and worry about losing job or doing another job what they do not like. Me, seem there are a big hurt although I made plan for resigning after finishing my studying. It look likes that I cannot touch this dream.
Dreaming to my group will become a big group of company, dreaming about good future for members but .....Many efforts of everyone seem losing now.

It is so sad but I understand about reason, it is business, slowly in adapting with changing of technology, but actually it is not our fault, it is just viewpoints of managers is not enough far. It is life, one of managers said us and it is normal for everyone who worked a long time but for me, it is shocked.

Many members look for a new job in this time. Me, just think so simple, finish all current jobs and also do the same thing with them. But I am not hurry up.
Everyone is joining a Marathon race and I am only a walker. How can I can catch up them.

Try your best, myself. Be stronger....
I am going to make plan in next 5 years
My dream, I am going to touch to you.....

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