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December 1, 2012

My name is Laurent ACHER ,

40, french native

i'm single,

no children,


height : 6 feet, 1 inch ; 1.85 m,

weight : 185 lbs; 13 st 5 lbs, 85 Kg,

average body,

brown hair, brown eyes, white,

athee, agnostic ,

no polical views,

i don't smoke, nor drink,

i like travel, foreign linguages, old stuff ,

i'm funny, cool, nice, kind, honest, trusty, loving, caring, shy

I practice tennis, golf, funboard, ski, swim, diving, waterpolo, when i have thr oportunity

I can't drive nor ride due to my poor sight, squint manifest / latent congenital nystagmus

depression :

resumé one of several disorders, want anything and everything

poverty and wealth, depending on location, context, individuals

désaroi, resignation, fatalism, melancholy

Very great suffering that lies latent in me overall

Sight :

orthoptia in 1978 and 1993

surgered in 1979 and decemmber 1992

prism trial in 1991

ENG in 1991 and 1995

conjonctivite in the 80's

3/10 on left eye

8/10 on right eye on best condition

I use the TV movies to express myself, because I do not remember anything courses at the school,

the effort was vain

I was not able to listen to instructions

Collections 0


checking, washing, pictures of room, pocket checking,

bulimia nibbling, garbage collection

verifications small furniture

feeling pounition, oracles, orders, obedience, feeling of being unmanned, remote

I have the body like a Christ

mas tree, flashing

I suffer from lack of unity body

I suffer from psychasthenia, psychic exhaustion

since 1994

legs and arms,

aggravated by anxiety,

I hit the driveway with my head down bike (sliding on snow)

discomfort in the feet, feeling weird but to wear moon boots, ski boots tight, stiff feet (or as goldorak robocop), feeling of snow, cotton, tingling, burning, I'm left on my two feet, I supports feel bad, I can not trodden way of fluid, "trainer" feet to foot cramponer, I can’t danse anymore

space and time :

i'm lost in time and space

intermittent since childhood

I fought all be with my older brother came home from school

My speech is not improved upon with the rivotril, do depalise that racontents my parents, and alcohol

Autism :

isolation since the age of 10 years

from colos, 1982, attacks, racketeering young punks, challenge!, duels

Today I really realized that I'm like calimero, bitching all the time, as a defense mechanism

I no longer suffer from pseudo, I used

Tinnitus :

I still make music that I know, for masquere tinnitus, divert

I kinda feel like a walkman in the ears

then it is difficult to assimilate auditory information, even if I hear normally

kid, I was aware of tinnitus only under water in the bathtub. This amplified product and down at will, especially when I hold my breath

Amnesia :

I lose my business

my keys (even if I do not possesses more I lose the other)

i lost memory

i just regognise cars, not tres, mushromms, plants

chronic pain :

sensation of tearing,

reduced with a little prozac and klonopin,

I can not hold a conversation

I find it hard to keep on topic

I do not know how to keep table

Lumbago :

discopathy, cypholordose, hyperlordosis, cruralgia

herniation (30/01/2012)

aisne pain in the femur and tibia, especially the left leg

kes paresthesias in 2 feet


I can never make up for lost time








November 30, 2012

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laurent   ACHER

November 30, 2012

i'm just the poorest guy of the world !!,  ( lol )

i don't have any money at all , well  thats true

i placed my ads on forbes.com, wall street journal, fortune.com

laurent ACHER