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November 4, 2008

Rain drops on window
Like tears from the highest sky
Heavy smash on the glass
Dying in a rivulet of water
Shaping bars of my golden cage.

bars of water, rivers of sorrow
each ones reflecting wise
on my proved cheeks,
where too,from my darkest eyes,
are flowing salty rivers of angst.

Our thoughts, our life, our moments
It's just Like that rain drops
They Born, throwed out in the world
then smashed on a sharped glass,
they die without will.

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06:57 AM Nov 06 2008


Russian Federation

The Sky is low—the Clouds are mean.
A Travelling Flake of Snow
Across a Barn or through a Rut
Debates if it will go—

A Narrow Wind complains all Day
How some one treated him
Nature, like Us is sometimes caught
Without her Diadem.

( Emiley Dickinson)