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My Heart



March 29, 2008

I like rainy day.I always think that wolking in the rain is the most romantic thing,so I like rain.

Maybe you will ask me that romantic have something with rain?To tell the truth I don't know.I just think like this.When I study in senior high school time is tide so we have not time to play what we want to do.Only in the rainy day we can wolk in the rain and I like it slowly.


March 13, 2008

A day have past argin.Time and tide willn't wait for anyone of us so wo must understand that time is the most important for us.

Suddently I have nothing to say as all thing have dead.No noise,no wind,no rain,all the thing have disappeared.

March 12, 2008

Everything was past and I finded myself.I always told myself that I don't happy,now I konw that's wrong. Everybody must live in the now other than the past.When I walked from the past I find that all things are so nice that I can't help wanting to tell everyone I am very happy.

After shade is brightness.We should forget something that make us sad or unhappy but remember that make us happy.We must live so why not make it happy.

I hope everyone happy everyday.GOD will bless us.