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My Heart



March 10, 2008

Always want to forget the memory but can't do it.I was told that forgeting is defection.My heart tell me that I always remember the past time and think it at times.

I don't want to accept that I alway loneliness but its fact.When I want to talk to somebody I will find that all friend is too busy to talk with me.When I want to call somebody I don't know which one I can dial.I always send message to my friend but no one revert me.I know that all of them are busy so I never get angry with them.

Memory is my fortune but I have not enough energy to bear it.

March 8, 2008

I want to write something aboutlove though I don't know what  love is.So I just say something about myself .

To tell the truth,I am very confused now.I like a girl and she like me too,but we can't stay together for something.I always want to call to she but never do ,I know that the connect between us just make us more afflictive.I know love is't occupancy,if I love she really I will happy when she happy and sad when she sad.

I want to forget she but I can't.I want to occlude the memory but always recall it.I tell to myself that let all the things go and begin the new life but I can't.

I hope she will hapy everyday and have new life.I don't want she remember me like me.My God bless she.

March 7, 2008

Life is not eazy to anyong of us. we must believe that everyone of us will do something well and above all we must believe in ourselives.We must work hard and that when we find what something well we must work hard it untill success.