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October 10, 2008

Sometimes,i feel that my present life is so simple(only be made of lots of lectures and some other odd things), that i get a bit boring and vacuous!!!i'm always busy all the day,but i do not very certain about what am i busy with...i don't know if any other people have the same situation with current me,but i really hate this bad feeling and situation!!!i do want to be out off this damn dilemma!!!

I always try to make my life more colourful and wounderful,but it doesn't seem want to work!!!what should i do???i'm so confused and contradictive currently...who can do me a favor and give some feasible advices???Coz i feel that my individual effort is so helpless,i really need your advices!

If you want,maybe u can leave me messages.i'm here sincerely waiting for your messages!!!


sincerely yours,


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06:48 AM Oct 13 2008



thank u for ur specific advices.they r really very helpful!!!

10:41 AM Oct 12 2008

United States

Awww, I can not believe no one has commented on your blog here yet.  


Well I will!  Because, I like to be nice.  It sounds like you need a break.  You need to relax and enjoy some time for yourself.  

Often, when we work very hard for a while, we start to lose focus on what we want, and what we like.  When that happens ...our energy, or, what drives us and keeps us going starts to run out.  

 Maybe you need a new friend to talk to?  If you want, let's talk more.  You can teach me about China.  ~smiles~

I look forward to hearing from you.  Remember, take a deep breath, and plan on doing something for you!