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Gemini's summer




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September 6, 2007

My wedding will be held on 1st, October. Thank you for your congratulation!Smile

10:58 AM Sep 15 2007


Norfolk Island

Hello!!!!! i dont know you but i want to congratulate you very very much!
i wish happiness to you, love, passion, attractive childs, good and rich home, money)))
i wish you happy every day and every minute, and your husband will the best of all in all world!!!
i wish to you good friends and many many heakth for all of your )))))

Good luck, dear!!!!!!

July 25, 2007

Do you want to own a house? I want to. In fact, most of people want to have their own houses in China. They don't want to rent a house for their family always.

In China, real estate industry is a thrive industry now. I don't know if the demand is more than supply or not, but the price of house is so high that most of people can't afford it. If one have to buy a house, he or she must depend on bank credit.

Actually the price of house is drived up by developer or rich people who have bought several houses to sell them by higher price in the future. They make money by secondhand houses business.

Government has also made some policies to restrain the price of house going up, but those policies have not gain good effect. So more and more people become the slave of house.

02:41 AM Jul 29 2007

shark yu

shark yu

i agree with you!

05:09 AM Jul 26 2007

christina 1129

Yes. I totally agree with your opinion. Because I had my own apartment the last year, and this took me a lot of effect and energy.

In fact, if you buy a secondhand house or the suburb house, it will take more easy. Because living in the countryside, you will get more fresh air, and beautiful scenery. Furthermore, the price is not so high.

Now, I am living in my house, it is a bit far away from the city. It was just finished the decoration. It is not luxury,  very plain, but I like it very much. the all things in the house including the color of the wall, curtain, tile ,the style of the design , the location of the furniture. Looking at the house, I feel very satisfactory, because all this is up to my choice. Even walking in the cool porcelain, I have a feeling of freedom. I am so happy about this. Expecting the outstanding balance of the house debt, I am 100% satisfied with my house.

And this strive me to working hard in my work. I think it is worthy. The rest balance became a motivation, which can spire you to go ahead.

Do you have the same feeling with me or not?


July 19, 2007

Recently I accept a new task to do a project on my work. It's a challenge to me. I have never done this kind of work, though before this I have accepted many training lessons about this.

In addtion, I think the most important is that it is a teamwork. I will have confidence to complete my work if it is a unaided thing, but I don't have experience to complete a teamwork well. Each person has his/her own opinion, how to make them consistent ?

And then I become busy these day for thinking and discussing with my team members. Our project is underway. The last term is next Wednesday. Can we complete our work?