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Russian Federation

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April 21, 2008

I'm real lucky that I was born in this time in this city in this family. All my life like a dream. I have everything to be happy.

My familly is admirable. My Mom and Dad like my friends. We can stay togever and have lot's of fun. By the way they aren't very strict so I could go to clubs or parties and sometimes have parties at home. But they like to stay with us. We could drink good alcohol togever. It's normal for us. Al my friends love my family that's why I say : we are a big swedish family.

I have a boyfriend. He is my only love. We are togever for 2 yers now and I wish one day he will marry me. I dream about good family. It's very important for me. I'm very homy and I fell comfortable at home. My boyfriend is physics. He's very busy all the time because of his studing. But we love each other and try to catch some time for meeting.

I have small hobby. I go to the dancing school. I prefer strip dance because it helps me to understand how beautiful I am. Dance is a good thing to to if u want to love yourself.

That's it.

04:00 PM Feb 08 2009

Russian Federation

hi,girl.i am so happy to see your message.because it is a long time  i have not been on the net. i am not in myown courtry now, i am in moscow. i work in a chinese restrent. it had been a long dream that one day i  go far around the world from my childhood, so ,now i am a man ,and i can choose myself life, and as what i am doing now, i am going around the world ,and the moscow is the first station .
i am learning  at Russia languish very  hard .it is not very difficalt ,but i have not much time to learn ,because i have to word in the day time .and i have not many friends here ,so i learn it slowly. can you help me ? just keep in touch with me ,and if it is possible,we can meet in mocow,and talk to eachother. if you would like to learn chinese,or practice engish ,i think we can make a partner to learn and prictice toghter.
please keep in touch with me
kind regards

04:36 AM Apr 23 2008

Lord Exhibit

Your family seems to be very friendly but I think my family more friendly than yours.

I am a student still in the high school and I like parting a lot since my parents always gives me the chance to go out. I have girlfriend whom I love and cherish very much. my dream is that one day I will get marriad to her and we have a very sweet and lovely family.