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August 26, 2007

how to kill time? now most of my school friends had gone to school, in different places. when the day plunged into the extrimely darkness, i just wanna dance, but i dont like the silence when dancing alone in public.

They all now get busy in school? That's really out of doubt. When i turn on TV to see sth, or get some information, the TV set has no signal 2day.Uhmm... When sending txt messages become so boring, i really dont no how and what to do 2 kill time. Time = Money, yet time is too much now.

i get online to get some comfort here and write some blog. that s just a way to livbrate my stress on emotion.i wanna go to school soon, the sooner the better.

i m in a family of 4, but from this month on, there s only 3 in the house or at home. Dad is always outside, yet i dont no what he s doin' outside all these days. I wanna him to come back, but how should I open my inflexable mouth! I just wanna my family to b a family, a common family like the thousands of families in China. How could u keep me away from this,God?

Now I m rely on my friends, which will give some warm comfort. And I miss u, Dad!

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