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My happy land




May 3, 2012

  I am coming back now ! once i was a regular visitor of Ebaby , some reasons , almost three years since latested appeared at here ! now i want to say : hi , everybody , old friends and new friends , i miss all of u !

10:57 AM May 04 2012




October 11, 2008

  hello,everyone ! so long time no visit ebaby ,dont know why i cant find something inspire me ! now i understand by myself the feeling that a person who lost aim . like a man in desert dont know where is the correct direction . be honest , most of time i am afraid of the future , how can i do for the left long time of my life . in others eyes ,i am too pessimistic , i accept it partly . so i will appreciate it if somebody can offer me some advice !

July 10, 2008


 A long time didnt write my blog on e-baby , i dont mean dislike it ,just dont know how to express my complicated mind . to tell them directly or pretend to be nothing happened ? if only nothing i heard or saw ! only less a month left to the ceremony of olympic games .but the unexpected things are still appearing one after a other ! as a chinese people ,i really feel ashamed about these :riot ,government scandal,business corruption and so on . why it seems more things happened in 2008 ? this year should be a proud year for every chinese people ,but now i cant say it is right or not .

where is our bright future if the situation continuned on ? who should be responsible for these ? ordinary people have suffered a lot , they have no energy to take these anymore !