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United States

December 8, 2006

As I sit in the dark, I wonder if I should go and face the light. Could I deal with people’s lies today? Would I blow would I become one of those kids that takes the gun and stands in the middle of the floor and shoots, stand in the center watching the people that had caused them pain slowly die, or will I just let them, will I just lay down and let them walk all over me? As the darkness turns to light, I wonder what I should do. Should I step into the light or stay in the darkness? What would happen to me, would I become one of those silent types that when they finally crack people say they were the good kid never said a word? On the other hand, should I go to the light and face my troubles meet them head on? Out of the safe dark and into the light, what would I do in the light, become another one of the people I hate or would I be able to keep myself sane? As I watch, the sun comes over the mountains I wonder should I take the chance and go out into the world. Would I be able to live in that? Always in one form or another making fun of the others and as the sun reaches the peak I make my decision I take a step and hope it is the right one…

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11:31 AM Dec 08 2006



Hello sunvampiress,

I really like your writing.You have your personal style and rich inner world.While reading I felt a little scared Smile maybe you have this power, yes, almost the same feeling when reading Bram Stoker's masterpiece. I wish I could read any of your poems. Could you honour my blog with one of yours? Do not fear light never, just follow it.