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December 19, 2006

           Once upon a time, those were the words we heard has children and now as adults and teens we now know those were fairy tells to put us to sleep, to comfort us in difficult times, and now we use those to comfort the latest generation that has arrived. To tell them all will be better again, but I have to wonder will the world ever be the same again, Will the fighting ever stop? I know that the things were meant to happen but why this generation, Why that day, Why those people? Why did those people that started it choice that day those planes to do that horrible thing? Why did they want to use innocent people to cause that much pain and suffering? Has I sit here and think could that have been the being of the end? Could that have been the one thing we needed to have happen before we turn on each other? Now that that has happen could it only be a matter of time before the world has we know it has changed, and if it did would it be for the better or worse? Could the world of our childhood the “once upon a time” be over? What will future generations be missing? They have already lost so much of what we have grow-up with they will never see the rainforest of old and yet we continue to destroy things that future generations could see and marvel over. How could the people of this earth do that to the upcoming children? Could, if we wanted to replant and let the rainforest grow so that they would be able to marvel at them? I just wonder if it’s really over or have we just started?

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