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February 7, 2007

Tears and sea water mixShe stands at the edge of the sea thinking maybe she could find a way to forget the pain. She watches the waves wondering how far they could carry her, how far she could get, away from the pain she feels everyday has she hears the seagull cry she feel has if she could cry with them, cry for all the pain she has had put on her, the whispers that others say about her, and as the tears and sea water mix she lets the pain fall away the words that rumbled around in her mind she forgets the way they stung when she heard them, the gulls cried with her sharing the pain of a wayward soul they saw how much pain she went through and as the tears and sea water mixed the pain flowed away, as the tears and sea water mixed….

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12:29 AM Feb 23 2007



Nice poem, but it looks like from the poem that someone is really depressed with the things that are happening in her life. I guess you should write something little more soft.