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United States

March 19, 2007


I’m the face that people

don’t notice I’m the girl people don’t remembers, I’m the one in the background forever forgotten. It is time to take a stand and be seen? Would it truly matter if I was here? Would anyone notice if I just left, leave the world this life has I know it? Would it really matter to the people in my life if I just left, or would someone somewhere noticed if the quiet girl nobody remembers the face, the face they don’t notice? Would it really matter at all if the quiet girl in the background vanished? Maybe, its time for the girl to take a step, try to be noticed to be seen by others. To let the world see me has I am not the show I put on for others I wonder what people would say, would they say that I was just a puppet following what others were doing or would they say why didn’t you come to be your self sooner? Why did you let others just walk all other you why didn’t you come out of your shell and become the person you are now? Why were you the face people didn’t notice the girl people didn’t remember the one in the background? I’m the face that people don’t notice, I’m the girl people don’t remember, I’m that girl and I’m proud to be one…..

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