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Sunye's the night garden

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August 19, 2007

    Today is Pure Brightness Festival.
    Pure Brightness Festival is the Chinese Valentine's Day.It is the date of the annual Lunar July 7.And there was a Legend to it.
    A long, long time ago.A dependent on cattle grazing young men, people call him Niu Lang.He is very kind-hearted and hard working and brave.
    One day,he saw a beautiful girl and deeply infatuated with her on.The girl's hair was black.It looked like a waterfall as smoother.She's lips like cherry.Her skin as white as pure.The girl's name is Zhi Nv.She is the Yu Emperor in the seventh daughter.(Yu is immortal. He is the ruler of the immortal world) However, Niu Lang don't know that the background of the Zhi Nv.
    Not long after that, they are fall in love.They married also gave birth to a child.It was heard of the Yu Emperor, he's very angry.He found the Zhi Nv and took her back to Tian Ting.(Tian Ting is immortal living in a place)
    When Jade dismantled them, Niu know, Zhi Nv is a immortal.And she's father is Yu.He knows Yu powerful magic,and Yu will bring countless sufferings.But Niu is not fear and he wanted to rescue his wife.Yu used magic to create a never cross the river to stop Niu Lang and Zhi Nv met,and its name is the Galaxy.
    Magpie sympathy Niu Lang.So, hundred billion or more of the magpie formed a bridge to let Niu Lang and Zhi Nv meeting in each year the Lunar July 7.
    Magic Niu Lang Star with  Zhi Nv Star and the distance between the satellite is the latest in the year that day.

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08:46 AM Aug 20 2007



ummm i know this story

Have u ever read Doraemon?

have 1 chapter talk about this story in "man & princess"

 Romantic !