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Viet Nam

February 4, 2009

woke up late, the cell phone was out of power while having a date with my close friend. i called to apologize but she cut off the line immediately. i had to explain a lot n a lot. feeling so tired, so stressed n tense. THE FIRST DAMN THING CAUSED BY A CELL PHONE.

then i couldn't start my computer. whts wrong with me at this week??????????????? i feel everything bad happening at one time. want to chat with my friends, want to listen to some new songs, want to watch a movie, want to look for some information for the lesson in the afternoon. I CAN'T just coz of a mental thing, having no emotion, having no special relationship with me-the computer. a thing that is black and hard but always want to touch it, hold it, feel it( the mouse), want to face to face with it( the screen) n can't give up loking at it with all the concentration, the interest, the satisfaction n even the smile on the face. all that can make your girlfriend feel jealous of itLaughing. SO THE SECOND DAMN THING CAUSED BY THE COMPUTER.

but wht can i do. i can't live without these: the cell phone, n the computer. i miss them when can't use them, i love them when they work fast and easily, i feel angry and worried when they meet probs. all the emotion of being a person come from the two things.you see????????? whts life, who i am. no answer, don't know, don't understand. OHHHH I HAVE A HEADACHE. sleeping is the best solution for the crazy thoughts.

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07:45 AM Feb 04 2009




good writing

ur expressions were perfect

keep on doing it