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Viet Nam

February 6, 2009

“My dear sister. Im sorry coz i  made u and parents sad a lot. Im sorry for all the bad things i had made. I see that you are also very sad…..”

It’s the message i was given in the morning from my brother. He said sorry. “ im sorry”  seems  too hard with me to tell him in person. I also had fault in our argument but coz of my ego i let everything go by. Now i have to thank to God. God gave me  a sweet brother like that. I many times wished i were the only child , wish he never appeared in my family. But now i see that im the most lucky sister coz i has him as my younger brother. I love u so much. Now u are 18 years old. You have grown up, you have many other relationships, i can’t require u alws think of me first. I was too selfish.

But i still like you change the word “ brother” into “ sister” in your favourite song “My brother” when u sings at home. HahhahahahhahaLaughingLaughingim too childish

Say sorry when making faults  not just keep in my mind. I ll do that. Thanks you- my brother. U ve made me change a lot.


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08:30 PM Feb 08 2009



it is happy for you having a young brother! in china, because we have so many people so since 80's we take a born control policy that one family only allows to have a baby.so, you dont have a sister or brother. I know somtimes there will be quarreling but in general happy is more than sad!

ok, just smile! your smile is so amazing!