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Viet Nam

May 5, 2009

For a long time i have not writen anything. This night, turning on the computer but don’t know what to do. I don’t want to check mails, don’t want to think of job or studying. Just need to talk to someone, looking at the friend list in yahoo  but still don’t want to chat with anyone. Overall its hard to find a person that really understand u. but i can’t complain about my friends coz i m too introvert, alw shirk myself behind the skin of a firm person, or a unprejudiced person. Yes, I m not open- minded to my friends so i don’t have rights to require them to be beside me when when im sad, or need a shouder.

            A test season is coming again,  but why i don’t have any inspiration to study at all. Huhuhuhu. Each day, trying to resist myself from cutting off class, trying to attend class but alw keep the cell phone in my left hand, n keep looking at it all the time, just waiting for the break time n then waiting for the ringing bell marking the studying time of that day at my university is over. Hic, but the second year at uni is nearly over, n there are just 2 more years left i will graduate.2 years is not a short time and also not a long time. Hahhahah. The reality is in contrast, each day i talk to myself , set for myself many goals but all i do is watching movies n sleeping. Why is it so hard to concentrate on studying?is there anyone can give me some tips??/// i also meet difficulties with my job at that organization. I tried all my best to get that position but when achieving it i suddenly feel bored with that job. Or maybe coz  i hoped so much. its right, the more u expect, the more disappointed u are…….. but its alright i ll balance myself quickly Cry


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View all entries from My Blog >

06:29 AM May 08 2009

Viet Nam

Hello you, my name's Trong. I have just read your nonsense. When i read it i feel sad. Just as you, i have many expect so i hit it off with you that ''the more you expect the more disappoint you are''. I have no advice for you but i want share my experience with you.Whenever i have mentation or disorientation i often pray to God. I say to God my mind and believe in the rescue of Jesus. Then i often feel better. I wish you will soon smile again. And i will be very glad if you can add me as your friend. Thank you!

01:28 AM May 06 2009


Viet Nam

I have just been a member of this web, and then I find some friend to add into my blog. Oh, it is bored as after a little, I don't find anyone at all who come to Vietnam. Also, perhaps I am not yet to find out. But when I enter to other site, I have seen you and your comment that you wrote. I think you are in trouble! and I want to make friend with you, I am bored too. I am Dung, I now live in Hanoi, at this time I am staying at home to learn English and study other things. I wonder if you want to make friend with me or not. However, I suppose we have several thought each other. I have ever passed the same time like you ago and I also have no one at that time, I thought my life is very boring.

Now I always stay alone, not communication to anyone, I am also studying for my exam at the end of the year. Anyway, I am glad to make friend with you, 

I look forward to your answer.

Please to meet you