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March 6, 2009

There are two ways of thinking about policy that can be qualified as "top-down" Vs "bottom-up" the "Top" is the ideology and the "Down" is reality.

In the first case, we try to bring reality into a mold of pre-established beliefs (ideal). In the second, we try to rationalize that fact by giving it a sense a posteriori (Realists).

When you look at the "idealist" proposals in many countries, we can find two types: those inspired by historical and geographical inspiration.


1) The first want to change reality so that it looks like a history. They are nostalgic, while expressing genuine and rooted in history, they ignore large parts of it.


2) The latter want our reality resembles that of others. Well intentioned, they forget that if other countries have managed to find a system that suits them perfectly because they have built themselves. Try to imitate a system whatsoever comes to recognize an intrinsic superiority. Assuming that such a system exists (I doubt), it is primarily its adaptability is important.

With a beautiful shoe the wrong size, we continue to walk barefoot.

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View all entries from TAKFARINAS blogs >