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November 10, 2010

Boys and girls,

Is there anyone who left many impressive things to you,but you need to forget him or her now? I have one now. I tried hard to forget,but it didn't work! Though there are many answers on the line, I hope to hear your voice. Thank you!

01:19 AM Nov 13 2010


Yeaah ur completely right =D 

I wanted to tell u about this point  before ,, and here u did ;)

Me too ,, Once before I had the same I fill up my time with School and studying .. 

and I did my best and got high average :P see ? I got my own benefits  ;D

and about ur friend suggestion he-she's right .. 

but I think if ur fine now this way .. then u dont have to fall in love again ..

u dont know maybe it will brings u troubles again :D hehe  .. 

til someday the one will come to u .. u dont have to look for anyone ;)



04:02 PM Nov 11 2010


Smile,thank you. And yesterday I find another way to cut down this pain ,that is fill up my time by working.When I was working, I have no time to think of that. And one of my friend also give me a suggestion : to fall in love with another person. I don't know is that ok. what's your opinion?

08:05 AM Nov 11 2010


I think we've all been through this .. 

and Yeah its hard to forgot those persons ..

for me .. Just try not to think of him-her ..

and it will always get better in time .. :)


05:50 AM Nov 11 2010


United Kingdom

I agree, time is a healer.  Give it time, maybe you won't forget the person but you will forget the pain. 

 Ben Laughing

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10:34 PM Nov 10 2010



I do have the same experience before.To forget the hurts from my first love cost me 4 years.To be honest,there is no easy way to forget a person. the only thing u can do is letting it go.time is the best  healer.trust me.