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the stolen chips of my mind.




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August 7, 2009

hey HO Ebabians :)

in this very special tiring day i would like to share you something that i just read from a blog, who is my favorite Indonesian book author, my favorite woman of this ages, Dee.

well what's wrong with me xD im a bit formal now xDD

it took from http://dee-idea.blogspot.com

here it is. enjoy ;)


Dee Manifesto:

Lesser Living For A Fuller Life


Own less. Create more.

Buy less. Share more.

Work less. Play more.


Less media gazing. More sky gazing.

Less cellphone time. More reading time.

Less noise. More silence.


Less impulsive shopping. More frugal consuming.

Less wanting. More gratitude.

Less needing. More contentment.


Explain less. Act more.

Stress less. Laugh more.

Think less. Feel more.


Less promises. More surprises.

Less performances. More inquiries.

Less concepts. More experiments.


Answer less. Question more.

Comply less. Question more.

Believe less. Question more.


Less known. More unknown.

Less handed-down beliefs. More self-discoveries.

Less fixation. More freedom.


Talk less. Listen more.

Analyze less. Experience more.

Judge less. Observe more.


Less concrete. More soil.

Less tabloids. More trees.

Less smoking sections. More fresh air.


Criticize less. Appreciate more.

Object less. Understand more.

Exclude less. Include more.


Less knowledgeable. More innocence.

Less target. More acceptance.

Less doing something. More doing nothing.


Attach less. Release more.

Ignore less. Meditate more.

Fear less. Breathe more.


Less addiction. More awareness.

Less norms. More conscience.

Less mindless. More mindfulness.

                                   . . .



actually there r so much more of her inspiring writings but this one is the simplest and i like the most :D


P.S. : hope she wont mind if i copied this into my profile xD

dont worry the copyright is still urs, Dee. xD 

11:43 PM Sep 03 2009

shakti deen


If you think you have huge tension, look at them    







if you think your job is tough, how about him?








if you think your salary is low, how about her?













If you think you don't have many friends, ask yourself if you have one sincere friend











you think study is a burden, how about her?










when you feel like giving up, think of this man













if you think you suffer in life, do you suffer as much as he does?











if you complaint about your transport system, how about them?











if your society is unfair to you, how about her?








Always be positive...... No Matter What…


12:42 PM Aug 09 2009



huaa need inspirations urgently :'(

May 8, 2009

one day, a boy asked his mom. "mom, why do u cry?"

his mom answered, "because i'm a woman, son."

"i don't understand," said the boy.

his mom smiled warmly and hugged him tight. "Son, u will never really understand..."

in a night, that boy asked his dad. "Daddy, why does mom cry? seems like she cries with no clear reason?"

his dad answered, "all women do cry with no reason."

that's all what his dad could give.

for a long moment later, that boy has grown up as a teenager, but he kept asking, why do women cry?

in a night, he had a dream and asked that question to God.

"God, why do women easily to cry?"

in his dream, God answered,

"when i create a woman, i make her so special. i create her shoulders, so that she can bear the burden of all the world, eventhough, those shoulders must be quite comfortable and warm for holding her sleeping babies.

i give her power to give a birth, eventhough oneday, often her child give her bad words.

i give her strength, that will make her survive, never surrender, when everybody gives up.

i give her patience, for caring of her families, even if she's sick, even if she's exhausted, without any complains.

for that woman, i give her sensitivity and love, for loving all of her children, in every condition, in every situation. eventhough, not seldom her children hurt her feelings, hurt her heart. this feeling will also give warmth for all the sleepy babies. this touch will also give comforts when she hugs her children warmly.

i give her strength to guide her husband, through all of hard times together, and become his guardian. because, it's not ribs who protects every heart so that it wont be broken.

i give her wisdom, and ability to give her husband understanding, that a good husband is someone who will never hurt his wife. eventhough, often the wisdom will test her husband's loyality and every faith that his wife give to him, so that they will stand together, equal, complete each other, and loving each other.

and finally, i give her the tears so that she can spell out her feelings. this is the special thing that i give for all women, so that they can use it whenever they want. this is the only weakness that they have, eventhough, it's not just tears. but tears of life.

because, tears aint weak. tears aint coward. tears are strength. tears are the gate to be stronger.

01:50 PM Aug 04 2009




08:58 PM Aug 03 2009




06:46 AM Aug 01 2009



@ Keni : yea. hope u like that :)

@ devil : and then so? xP 

12:29 PM Jul 31 2009



i read it untill end :)))

10:50 AM Jul 29 2009



wooooooooow,Army...Really great blog... Specially the last sentences ;)

12:31 AM Jun 05 2009



ahahahahha REALLY? xDD


kkk if so :P 

03:56 PM Jun 03 2009


Viet Nam

i pasted ur blog in my yahooblog and then one of my friend copied it and pasted in her blog again lol

06:38 AM May 09 2009



thx fatma :):):) im proud and happy being ur friend too ^^ love ya

06:32 AM May 09 2009



you are so different army.. i like it.. and im feeling good myself coz you are my friend :) and yes "tears for women....."

06:27 AM May 09 2009



i love this too basak :) proud of being woman!


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May 6, 2009

life is an option. everyday, everytime we r standing in front of what's called option and to choose. is that right?


what will happen if we know what's gonna happen for each of our option? will anybody make something wrong? and r we forget about the connection that communicate of what happens now and what will happen next? every option, how small it is, must be influential of every particel in our circumstances.


then how can we define our destiny if we just dont know what will happen? how can we choose the best for us for the next year, even until the day we die? what will we gonna choose? how can we take a perfect one between billion ones? and why it must be us to choose? is it just because of our life who responsible for ourself?


and now i have come to believe that... life is NOT an option. but life is bunch of questions.

09:08 AM May 08 2009



thx jamal :) i agree with you :) firstly didnt u think of the title that i gave? "the art of life" means that everything has connection and everything comes from options :) options comes from questions yes u're rite that it needs another factors to be success :P but i didnt talk about success :D i talked about art of life,,, hehe.

01:26 AM May 06 2009

jamal pachath

in my opinion life have option. who can choose wisely he would be win in the future. the selection must be after thinking. after selection we must be optimistic to win. we have to work for it. whomever hard work they definitely win.thanks