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Viet Nam

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April 1, 2008

it is abt a romantic story named "NEW YORK LOVE STORIES"

The story talks abt the hard love between a clever beautiful vietnamese girl: Ha Kin and a handsome american boy: Ryan.

All the story is abt their love with happiness,with mysery,with trouble and many things else they had to get over together......but one day, the girl knew the truth that all people tried to not let her know: Ryan is gay.....it was too hard for her although Ryan had to try so much to change himself to be with her........many tears ..........and .....when Ha Kin asked him: ' u r gay?right?'...Ryan said:' when meeting u, i know i can love a girl I LOVE U'...........

'the love between them changed everything......^^....'

( to me, it is a wonderful story,it grows up my feelings and hope that happen to u when reading it...........if u want to read this story u can search: 'chuyen tinh new york' or 'new york love story' in google..that story is translated in both vietnamese and english.u will find out many things which r important in ur life^^)