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December 27, 2010

  I know most person can't forget the past.They may  think of the past time that

is happy,even sad or painful when they are alone.

  New school,new strange faces passed me,but i felt nothing.They are just like the

air,and they are real beings.So far,i have studied in the high school for a whole

term.Maybe i'm not used to the new school life,but i'm trying to change myself as

possiblely.Through i'm tired of the hard lessons,i can't give up easily. I have

tasted the sweat.I know ,I should live as a big girl.

  I always ask myself  "Am I like a living doll?"or"Am i a machine?",but I can give

myself the answer right away everytime.I tell myself I still smiling happily,living in

my space happily.So i have no reason that makes me feel unsatisfied.As time

goes by,I just need to  try to smile at everyday,sing what i like singing,that's


10:44 AM Dec 27 2010

monaleza manosh

yes that's enough ..

dont wait for whom makes u happy just live as you want

you are the source..the only sourse of being happy

nice words;Ton