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May 31, 2009

     My roommate leaving tonight.I feel a little sadness.

     We have been together for almost two years.Although we had not been known each other after my settling in,we have spent the friendly two years under the same roof.Maby it is the two years we build up the friendship with unawareness of our consciousness .So I feel some of sadness tonight.

     He is a very kind and honest guy who I have met.I treat him as a little brother.Everything he want to know and to do is output derectly from my head without any hesitation.When he cooked the delicious meal and put it on the table.I found his smile lighting up on his face.He look like being more confident than ever though I think it is very little thing unworth of metioning.When he take the umbrela to wait for me on the bus station,I had been touched.When our house some usage facilities gets some sort of problems,the first man who emerge in my head is him.When I go the bathroom at midnight ,I found the other's room light was opened.I know It is him who often sit up till the morning of second day。。。

     Now he is going to leave us tonight.There have three handsome guys in our room including me.Except of the left guy,there have a guy named tommy who is my colleague and introduce me to move into this warming room.My initial soft sad feeling changes into the strong feeling within a few minutes when I see tommy keep on packing some lovely stuff like bumfs,battery,chewing gum, to the guy who are going to move.They have kept the friendship for almost 9 years.I can obviously detects the feeling which can't be spoken out to make tommy to do such little thing to stay the leaving guy longer even if it would be only a few seconds more.But leaving will not be stopped,It is like some kind of our destiny.

     He has gone“All good things come to an end”.I am surprised to find that I have met some similar experience like this.I know somebody's leaving is meaning to the personal loneness.But I believe we already get some particular experience of our life like kind friendship and friendly time we have come through together.Maybe leaving can be make us to know that some valuable things often take place in our side.

09:11 AM May 31 2009




it's very sad, I know, but you have to understand that people come and go in our lives.Besides, there's no distance anymore with Internet, phone, Ok ?

Be happy .



May 18, 2009

I remember the first time I came here after my colleague introduced this EC to me. I stepped into this old style building. It gave me a very special feeling. Then I entered the room which is smaller than this place. At the first I felt a little nervous as a couple of people around tables were looking at me till I found my seat. My self introduction was not well. I realized that after I finished it. But I came to stay in calm quickly when I heard of other member’s English communication. Especially for our host Jane, she organized this family very well, often attempted to set aside some time for our new members. It is a good way to let the new members to involve in. Although there were less people than now at that time, but I found I can get excited and feel calm when learning English here.

After that, I had joined the Dragon Boat Festival party which was in May last year and that made me more happier than joining other party. I had not only met a lot of English funs but several foreigners. That means you even have a chance to communicate with foreigners freely if you were brave enough. I got a chance to do that. I think it was the most interesting thing I had never met before. There were two people, a girl and a man. The girl is this gentleman’s girlfriend. The girl comes from Korea and the guy is Chinese. But I didn’t know that before I mustered up the courage to communicate with them in English. I pointed the traditional Chinese paintings on the wall and tried to explain it in English. I was interrupted suddenly. The Korean girl said: ”你是中国人嘛?” I was shocked. I found a smile lighting up on that man’s face. I felt embarrassed. Later I found out the truth that these two people were college mates coming from Suzhou Uni. They also have interests in learning English and want to know some of our Chinese traditional festivals. They can speak standard Chinese. Oh, my god! Finally I had to use Chinese to talk with them till the end of the party. Of course there were other things that impressed me deeply. We had not only made the rice dumplings together with the foreigners but also had gained a lot of knowledge of our traditional festivals while playing games. It is really very interesting to learn English this way, we get together like a family, and everyone can show himself/herself on the stage as long as he/she wants to do it .

Time flies. It was 2009 Spring Festival. We had a celebration before the festival comes. As we expected, the party was also an interesting one. The atmosphere was warm and natural. We could feel free and happy. Mike had sung several sweet songs on the stage. All the members enjoyed the fun games. Some of them got the presents which was prepared by Lyric and some other members. What’s more, you could eat delicious fruit which you want while you were watching wonderful plays on the stage. I believed that everybody might forget all these unhappy things, like loneliness, sorrow, disappointment or other passive feelings before the Spring Festival. We felt warm and comfortable here. We felt we were like a family when getting together .We already were the members of this big wonderful family when we took the photos together.

When I knew that we will have a celebration for the anniversary of our EC, I can’t help controlling my exciting feeling. To be honest, I can’t believe I persist in joining in it for a whole year after I enjoyed this party for the first time. But now I find the reason why I can achieve the progress. That is we have a kind host Jane and a free, warm, happy, and interesting party every week. The two things give me the happy feeling and make me to join in the parties consistently. I like learning English and communicate with other members here. That makes me relaxed and I just feel we are a family .

 During the last several months, I am very glad to see we have more and more new members, especially some outstanding ones, like our lovely English teacher Lyric and handsome energetic George. Their coming makes our party better and better. At the same time I guess the happiest people in our EC should be Jane, our host. It is very difficult for her alone to organize EC for one year in which she confronted a lot of problems we can’t imagine. She has a family to take care of; she has to work. Meanwhile, she has to hold this EC every week. But she doesn’t give up and keep holding it. I admire her. I feel grateful to Jane for her patient help. I think most of the members may have the same feeling as mine.

I want to devote myself into improving our EC if I have a chance, As Lyric said: “We find the home here.” Let’s learn English together in our EC---HOME

April 6, 2009

 I am looking for some movie to take my time at night.I think it is good opportunity for me to happen to meet the Movie:Jane Asuten who are the famous writer in the world after I finished the movie.

        The Pride and Predjudice is writed by JaneAusten.Although I haven't read the book ,I have been affected by the movie.There have a word to discribe the connections about the Love and Sense ,Ideals and Reality.Frome this movie I have a common idea about the love ,similar with the popular.

   I am movied by the paragraph that Jane has to be disparted from his lovers who is lawyer as she must do that things so that she can make a true love of him.I have remembered a lot of stories about love.They are vavious kinds of the break of love.But I think the unique one sort of love is respected for my long admirations.Jane have to make up her mind to break up with his dear lovers because their elopement will not only destroy her lover's family but himself.I think Austen show her more sane than her lovers in this story.It is incredible thing that somebody's lover gets a marrige and have some of children instead of somebody's  loneliness for her own whole life.But It is the truth to Jane Austen.So I am confidential about that Jane is not only the greatest writers but greatest lady for this valuable love.Great spirit can conduct a great fictions.

        Maybe I will instinctively be faded in the color of tha affection after this movie with my waking up tomorrow moring.But I will not forget the great writer's life and great fiction Jane Austen bring to my life.Do the honor to woman's selfless spirit .