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April 6, 2009

 I am looking for some movie to take my time at night.I think it is good opportunity for me to happen to meet the Movie:Jane Asuten who are the famous writer in the world after I finished the movie.

        The Pride and Predjudice is writed by JaneAusten.Although I haven't read the book ,I have been affected by the movie.There have a word to discribe the connections about the Love and Sense ,Ideals and Reality.Frome this movie I have a common idea about the love ,similar with the popular.

   I am movied by the paragraph that Jane has to be disparted from his lovers who is lawyer as she must do that things so that she can make a true love of him.I have remembered a lot of stories about love.They are vavious kinds of the break of love.But I think the unique one sort of love is respected for my long admirations.Jane have to make up her mind to break up with his dear lovers because their elopement will not only destroy her lover's family but himself.I think Austen show her more sane than her lovers in this story.It is incredible thing that somebody's lover gets a marrige and have some of children instead of somebody's  loneliness for her own whole life.But It is the truth to Jane Austen.So I am confidential about that Jane is not only the greatest writers but greatest lady for this valuable love.Great spirit can conduct a great fictions.

        Maybe I will instinctively be faded in the color of tha affection after this movie with my waking up tomorrow moring.But I will not forget the great writer's life and great fiction Jane Austen bring to my life.Do the honor to woman's selfless spirit .    

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