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December 4, 2008


A soft rain fell on the day I arrived at Cescent Bay.See the two islands behind me?They named by theirs shape. 

It was May,2007.The field was all covered with yellow flowers.

Yup,I wasn't alone.I travelled with my friends.  

The warm breezes and the happy songs of the wild ducks welcomed us as we wandering about the field. 

They're cute,are they? So organized,travelling in line. 

You always can meet some artists there,painting or photographing.  

The houses are as old as I can't remember.Usually the local villagers plant a pear tree beside their house.When the spring comes ,they all begin to bloom.  

In the deep alley,sometimes come out the dog barking,but silent most of time. 

We walked alongside the river until we got tired.Something romantic might happen.If lucky enough ,you will encounter a beautiful woman or your Ms.right...hahaha...  

Since we felt tired,we went to a tea house to rest.A beactiful girl was performing tea art for us.Drinking the tea,appreciating the performance, our hearts were gay and at ease.     
We really enjoyed our trip in wuyuan,jiangxi province.
The beautiful sence,entertained  my eye and pleased my spirit and all the senses.It was perfect.