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December 15, 2010

It is Day 4 after I have taken my TOEFL exam. I am really nervous and unsure if answered the exam correctly. I know it is impossible to get a perfect score but I shouldn't be too confident that I will pass.  The feeling of excitement and partly afraid thinking of that I might also fail the exam. I know in times like this I have to be positive. I have to believe in myself. I believe that because it will help me to be more relax and comfortable. 

I have nothing more to say but to wait until the result is finally release. Thanks to all who wishes me good luck. God bless!

December 10, 2010


My review preparation to my toefl exam is coming to an end. It is because my exam date will be tomorrow.

Am I really ready for the exam? I am still not yet confident if i can pass the exam but I will do my best. It has been two months since I began to review but its only last two weeks when I concentrate on reviewing. Maybe it is my habit to always do that. I always want to fell the pressure, in last minutes this is only the time that I push myself hard to study. I am not proud of my attitude. I know its not a good habit and I always want to change. It is really bad but sometimes its  the only way to make me more serious if there is a challenge.

 I am being left behind here in the Philippines almost all of my colleagues are now in US. It is like they are harvesting money now and I am still planting my crops here. My cousins was also already succesfull in going abroad. What a shame that I am the oldest and I am still not earning green money.

I more day and it is the judgement day. I hope all of my effort wont be wasted. I need it badly! It is my ticket to work abroad.

God help me!!! 

03:30 AM Dec 11 2010



thanks for the good luck, I really appreciate it!

08:53 AM Dec 10 2010


Saudi Arabia

Trust in God and you will succeed

good luckSmile

September 5, 2010

Granado Espada is a massive multiplayer online game that i am very hooked on. They got good story line and different characters you can play to level them and also they have plenty of quest and missions available, so you can't get bored with the game. I played almost 24/7 for 3 years. I like this game very much. Because I feel that I am really the one in that game that I am playing.

Why I am writing this here? I want to voice out what is on my mind right now. It is because I'm beginning to realize that I am wasting my valuable time, my real life only for this game. I lost plenty of opportunity and offers to have a good job. I want to make it right. I need to focus on my career. I really need to quit on playing this game anymore. Make a resist on my addiction to this game. It is very hard to start but I am willing and determine to do it now. 

Hope that after blogging this will help me. Because if I will see this every time  I go to this website. I will be reminded on what are my priority in life right now.