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July 22, 2012

      I am so sorry for my study delay. I have plans , I have dreams , but I do nothing in the last 8 months, I do not know what i am doing , I just stay home , play games, and do somg idle things. I  often comfort myself. I just need some rest. Now , my new sails come up.

  I just have enough rest . and I need to try my dream out. 5 years dream. in the past , when i want do something for myself, there's always a lot of things bother me, but now , for all the things outside , i will do not care so much for my dream. the next 5 years , it is just for my dream. i need do thing for my family and for myself. i will do, and i will change my life for better.

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12:01 AM Jul 25 2012


I believe you can.I very much appreciate a man with a dream ^ ^ really.Fuel you can.


My name is alice.Nice to me you.Laughing 

((I am a girl