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United Arab Emirates

August 31, 2007

hi every one ,, i wanna tell every one who is reading this to be a good person in this life ,, be honest be friend for poor people ,, learn about this life ,, dont waste ur time on selly things ,, look far and think about ur future plz be good


dubai girl

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08:43 AM Oct 21 2007

rajeev james

hai sweat,

how r u doing , dont feel bad , pls dont write these type of blogs any more , i cant laugh . i admire u r talent ,why dont u try in films , u have a great future dont waste ur talents here, i wish all success in ur future life


07:42 PM Sep 27 2007


hi its good to be in this maner but not in this site i love this word and nice girls if you that we will ....

06:30 AM Sep 03 2007

United Arab Emirates