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go to bulid a happy life

venissa sun


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December 5, 2008

What a busy week! Everyday worked until 9PM, when i  reached my bed, i just felt that every cells of me were singing happily.

Glad that it's Friday night now, the end of this busy week, i can sleep late till tomorrow noon and go to visit some of my friends,.Smile

Enjoy the relaxing weekends~!

November 30, 2008

WOOO~~! So happy to find a place to write sth. in English,!I am a person always have a lot of words, some of them would like to speak out and share with my friends ,but some others I would like to write down and show to the people who care about me and are lucky enough to find them . Writing blog is my favorite way to write down feelings. Cool 

Write down my first  thought today : No matter how tough life is , you should just think things in the positive way and keep happy~~