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My journey



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November 12, 2007

it's an old topic.maybe you would laugh at me why i still wanna write something about it.come on, you should forget them and go on your new life.yes, i did so.but sometimes i would think of the good old days we had together.maybe i am not still loving someone,but loving the girl in love.it's wonderful that you have ever loved someone without purpose and so crazily.i was touched by myself.i even almost forget what he looks like.but remember clearly what i looked like when in love. that's magic.life is wonderful, you will never down because someone left you. instead,it's better.

November 12, 2007

These days i often think i wanna change myself.i wanna do something different.i 
am tired of the me in this way.but i wonder how i can change.maybe i can be more beautiful, more attractive,more outgoing...whatever.or maybe just the change of my mind or my views upon this world then i can be happier.sometimes i don't 

know what i am looking for,am i asking god for too much?
My friend told me, if your mind change,the world will change for u.really?i am wondering.but still,i believe my world is changing every day without my attention.
Do you have the same feelings with me?

October 18, 2007

There are always a lot of things we wanna forget in our life. I hope i can forget it, and when i thought i have forgotten it, it will again come out and scratch me.It's painful.

10:40 PM Oct 18 2007


Sri Lanka

Well dear i'l give u an idea. If u really wanna forget something, always remind it,surely it will work. We never could forget special things in our life, bt can remind it without pain. Thing positively. Everything in this world change all the time, there's nothing permanent.

If u still couldn't forget somrthing, Jst try on some work, help the others soonly u'l forget about u.!!


08:57 PM Oct 18 2007

steven cao

steven cao

nice to meet you .i am from wuxi china,where are you ?