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October 3, 2008

The avalanche of video games I warned you about last month is all set to decimate your savings this October. Send the wife to her in-laws, call in sick from work/school/college – do what you must to make sure you have both the time and resources at hand, because October is about to rock your socks off.

Silent Hill Homecoming

Homecoming straps players into the boots of Alex Shepherd, a war veteran who after a quick trip to his hometown of Shepherd's Glen finds his younger brother and father missing. The search for his family brings him to the not-so-pleasant town of Silent Hill where battling inner demons as well as horrific, twisted monstrosities seems to be the order of the day.

Dead Space

An action survival horror similar to Resident Evil 4, Dead Space takes place in the near future and puts players in the boots of an engineer called Isaac Clarke who finds himself aboard the USG Ishimura – a gigantic mining ship of sorts that’s been overrun by a hostile alien force. Decapitating and dismembering aliens in slow motion while kicking the crap out of spider-like babies ensue.

Saint's Row 2

No, this is not going to be a Grand Theft Auto IV killer but it's crude, entertaining and violent, so that definitely counts for something. We’ve played the game and we liked it in a ‘brain-dead yet enjoyable’ sorta way. Head right here for our hands-on impression of the game.

Midnight Club Los Angeles

Fueled by the same game engine (RAGE) that powered Grand Theft Auto IV, Midnight Club LA is all set to immerse players deep into the world of illegal street racing all over again. New to the series are tons of visual improvements in the form of day-and-night cycles, weather effects, and vehicular damage.

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