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vijay raj

vijay raj


December 26, 2011

Lesson – 5

Like / Would Like / Look Like / Be Like


Here are some sample usages for talking about our likes and dislikes.

Like vs Would Like:-

¬     Do you like…………?

¬     Would you like……...?


1.    What kind of food do you like?         {Facts, Personal, Preferences}

      I like ice cream, banana and pizza.


2.    What kind of food would you like?   {If you could choose}

      I would like Chinese Food.


3. What kind of friends do you like?

      I like someone who is easy going.

      I like a friend who is helpful.

      I like people who are kind. (Plural).


4.    What kind of person would you like to marry?

      I would like someone who has a lot of money.

      I like a woman who is friendly.


1)      I like fruits.

2)      I don’t like fruits.

3)      I like traveling by train.

4)      I don’t like eating too much.

5)      I like his helping.

6)      I don’t like your going with him.

7)      I like getting wet in the rain.

8)      I would like telling stories.

9)      Would you like listening music?

10)  Do you like places where there are many trees?

11)  Do you like people who are rich?

12)  I like people who talk too much.

13)  I would like friends who are intelligent.

14)  I like places which have a cool climate.


Be Like vs Look Like   [Personal Preferences]


1.    What does jack like?

                        He likes horror movies, basket ball, English novels…


[Physical Description]

2.    What does jack look like?

                  He is tall, dark and handsome.          

                  He has black hair and wears Glasses.


[Description of Personality]


3.    What is Jack like?

                  He is a nice guy.

                  He is very kind and friendly.


More examples:-

1.      I like to swim                                                                   

2.      I like swimming

3.      Let’s go swimming.

4.      Do you like swimming?

5.      I like a guy who will treat me well.

6.      I don’t like girls who tell lies.

7.      I like a girl with dark hair and brown eyes.

8.      I like a child with a cute face.

9.      I would like to play volley ball

10.  I like a girl who likes to have fun.

11.  I like good friends.

12.  Since I’m pretty tall, I like a tall girl.

13.  I like all obedient girls.

14.  I like a guy who is going to take care of me.

15.  I would like to meet a rich guy so I don’t have to worry.


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