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November 13, 2007

im looking for friends around the world

for those who likes chatting can add me at my msn

u can find it in my profile



November 11, 2007

it's nice to find out that there are a lot of people eager in improving their spoken languages here. i am also one of those people. i am a chinese indonesian. i barely speak chinese (only know some.. learn the hanyu pinyin.. and is still looking for some people to teach me good chinese). living in indonesia makes me aware and know lots of the culture here. indonesia is indeed a great cultural country. since i was raised up here, i am able to speak indonesian, english, hokkian, and mandarin. i am also looking forward to meeting some friends around the world to share, to chat, and indeed to make friends...

so, let's talk. i am looking forward to all of you to share.



09:39 PM Nov 11 2007


"i am able to speak indonesian, english, hokkian, and mandarin"you are great vio yen ,i admire u,and i want to make friends with you,can you tell  me your msn?