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United States

September 30, 2008

What is beauty? How is beauty perceived? Throughout the world men and woman of all ages seem to be overly concerned about their beauty, both the inside and outside. Everywhere that you go or travel you see different forms of beauty. No matter where you go, beauty is a top concern of most people worldwide. People want to look good. In addition, depending on where you live or what culture you were born into, your perception of beauty may be different than others. There should not be such a concern about such a beautiful thing...we are all beautiful in our very own ways.  

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View all entries from "THOMAS'S IDEOLOGY" >

11:29 PM Mar 09 2009


i believe it depence on how u see the world. somebody can see only bad things, and, of course, they can see no beauty around them.

but someone is good and kind inside, and for them people are beauty and nice.

i really think we need to look for a good side in people, coz bad side will show itselfs anyway ;)