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June 5, 2012

Time went so fast, a little bit of thinking did not give me the opportunity. From each other, a lot of people a lot of things, had been separated from that moment, completely separated. Time does not dominate, but it will not regret it. Just like the proverb "do not eat grass". It is also good to humanity. Things or people in the past before, then better not have now re-understanding of things or people. Many people think so. Unfortunately, I was a man read and read little women. On a lot of things, I think I was fair, for my parents and my mother-in-law, I pay more, or less, as long as I is fair, they will think I'm a polite child. And then, even if I don't wash my clothes not to Cook, do not wash the dishes do not clean the room, no one said I do too. I was actually a human temperament, family things, usually because of those who have to worry about, so I recklessly, housework is often not upper center plates. But can not say that I am a lazy woman, might in some sense, I was a lazy woman. Baby is not always stick with me, love to travel frequently, so I had plenty of time to do the things you like to do. But I just refuse to stay idle, baby non-stick with me, I stick with him. Space, also will pass the time, or watch cartoons resolves resolution bearing the heart, or lazy lie in bed, turn the pages of books. Really nothing to do, would be good for a sleep. To tell you the truth, go to bed really extravagant for me. A rare opportunity when going to bed, and I happened to not sleep, or baby to wake up early to go out to play. Such is life, unconsciously, over many years. I had the baby, may be the same as my baby will want to stick with MOM or dad, or sticking her grandparents more. I also like the small gifts, I also like cakes ... ... But times are not the same, the living conditions are not the same. Now I is different from a child is, I don't like dolls, I like cake. While my baby was beyond my years, like I like a little cake. Sometimes, early retirement, children, accompanied lovers travel around China. Occasionally think of some friends, classmates, classmate and friend of the very old, very old. Friends online search their name, see, feel at ease. Long time no see, I just wish they had better. Once the days of reading, I may not have a lot of things. Or if you feel that we are not familiar with, but I remember not only your name, but our reading time to chat with. Because in your community has a lot of new friends, classmates, I don't know. So I have never left a short note. Wishes in mind. Time is always quietly take away a lot of people and things, or when you wake up, children, we are old.

May 15, 2012

The heart is the master of people, with a great power,

So, we should pay attention to your own heart at any time and place to read.

Every day we all want to meet a lot of people,

In the frequent contact,

With others will be hard to avoid friction or conflict,

Or, because things outside their mood and influence,

This modern is one of the common trouble.

Want to keep a quiet heart,

Is a deep knowledge, is not easy to do.

When we climb up mountains or standing on the beach,

The vast expanse of the scenery, let's open the door,

At this time, the world magging issues.it's troubles,

Will vanish.
So somebody said:

The heart has how old, the world be big.

Our hearts,

If can also spread like wildfire, ocean, the sky is open,

Can let the infinite things,

Also more can enjoy life of freedom.

"The heart is bitter, not cheerful mood optimistic can turn bitter for joy."

Zen special emphasis on "balance" these three words.

The so-called common heart, is refers to

We are very clear in the environment of good or bad considering, tenth,

For all phenomena at a glance, but this does not affected,

Even in in that kind of environment, and also not be with all the dance,

Also will not be environment influence of various circumstances and float.

People after the concentration, it is not easy to external conditions be moved.

Can maintain body and mind and stability, and can own showed very clearly,

For can do, can't do;

This do, should not do, also are very clear,

This is wisdom.

Want to let the heart keep clear stability, don't turn on with heart,

"With heart turn on" refers to lose your own master,

Always be the dynamic environment influence

That is, happen when conditions,

The heart of the current environment don't immediately be impressed.

The easiest way is,

Observations from his nostrils Hu suck out of the feeling,

Or watch the heart feeling,

As long as the focus on the body experience on,

The mood will settle down.

In fact, worries may not is bad,

In fact, it is qing Ming heart foundation.

Because that, for some good people root, meet trouble,

Feels this is a kind of trouble,

Hope to be able to convert it into peace, qingming heart,

At this time, but worries is a kind of help margins.


If know with wisdom, compassion to deal with problems,

Heart won't often knot, and can clear at ease.

That no matter in any of the condition in,

Can keep calm, steady, independent, the free state of mind.

Close your eyes to think well,

Whether you for irritable when gas dry, and screwed it up many things?

Whether you are often environment, be affected?

Whether you are often in order to small angry, don't pass?

"Heart can not let go of others, is without mercy;

Not put his heart, is not wisdom.

05:55 PM Jun 05 2012




My experience and some experience of life.  

09:55 AM May 31 2012



nice words, you wrote it?Smile

May 13, 2012

There is an old Chinese saying: it never rains but it pours.
    Really is day should not be people! My aunt, a very traditional kind of China's rural women! Life experience is difficult to express in words, now live on your own, but not on day, from falling, broke his wrist and arm. These days moods really poor, worried about her, on the one hand, take care of her and looked at her expression of pain, my heart like a knife. Wish all of her pain, can let me to share. God, please you to take care of her. To visit her once.
    Anyway, when I'm in one day, I will try our best to take care of her daily life diet, a few days to surgery, bless my favorite aunt can early from suffering, health and peace!Smile