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May 10, 2012

Tongue out

    I have long time no back home. My hometown , Shanxi Province In China, there are beautiful taihang mountains, there is a record of my childhood loess slope. Miss hour hou, carefree and free. When the home also miss the big apple orchard. Through the apple tree time has been gone forever.

   Two days before the lover to message said, want to go to pick an apple. He said a long time are not try rural breath. Is that, time really quick, the social development of also quickly. When I was a child for the future had already gone forever. Don't know if social steps go too fast, I feel very tired, stop and think not of my own will, I can't fall in. I will try to, to strive of their own one day. Sometimes, I really tired, regretted that the time go to school not thoroughly study English spoken language, which is also lower wages than others. Actually I don't care about the salary, I care about is getting the recognition, I care about their work is white do! I also care about friends in the heart of my impression! I almost forget free in grassland, HuangTuPo shout the feeling of the run. How to one day to be as long ago as I, carefree, need not because the mundane and don't have to rush about life and work.

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