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February 1, 2008

   Mum woke me up yesterday morning,telling me that it was snowing.

    When I looked out from the window while I was  careless and indifferent,I suddenly realized that it was not just a dream,it was really snowing~!

   The snows were dancing in the air,everywhere in the ground was in the white cilour,almost every corner was covered with snow.What's more,I heard the cars shouting,strugglling ,as they can't be started because of the snowy weather.

   Although it snowed the other day,it's still a surprise to me when I saw it snowing.I just can't imagine the snow can be so heavy!It is a long time since I played in the snowy day,so this day brought me back to those days---the days that leave me sweet memories!

  But the happiness was transitory when some pictures came to my mind---most of the cities in China are suffering from disasters because of the weather,people living in those cities are very poor,no electricity,no water to drink~~what's worse,some people are reduced to the airports or stations,they can't go home just because the weather,the heavy snow.The Spring Festival is coming,it's necessary for them to go back home,to get together with their families!!!

    If winter comes, can spring be far behind?So don't be so sad, I believe the sow will soon melt away by our warm heart.We won't be beaten by the bad weather,come on!!

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