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April 29, 2007

Once loved you : love one knows, loved the people know. This is the Peach? Love when on the day pondering irresistible to you, and you accidentally saying, why should you think of this kind, you said to anybody listening, What is the use? you accidentally swept through the eyes of one, it will thrill, joy, frustration, fear you see, you are not afraid to look at herself, even more afraid that you might not see the seemingly Yuguang, a gentle sweep, also waving Strip the past, seems completely unaware, But it seems that they are omniscient, seemed to feel that you are being perspective, but also seemed to feel that you are being ignored. finally has a chance and you can say a few words, just as preposterous King Lane scope of the harvest, a few days and nights then distribute it to think backwards, It should not words marrow drained before a halt. see your horizon, became Maomao, Clinically, itch, down-to-earth manner, the speculation horizon Your mind Maomao, Clinically, down-to-earth manner. The itch. the speculation is not only painful, uncomfortable, or to heaven or hell, or were you hold heaven and hell in between. love of scheming to ask all of your past, secretly savored every gesture you the details, and do this all the time, like a spy, not let you know, we will not let others suspected to freely turn to your body, then pretended to hear the victims. others do not, they must not mention your first name; others say especially its failure to maintain silence, this time the greatest hope you can stand a remarkable place, This will join the others and you see you have the freedom to debate. know what was on each of the trials on a point, Even more points into the clear line, the line is long on the tick clearly outline the plan, and this will be the first clearly you in the dark, Mountain Ridge Mountains. You know every Road near the tops of the trees look, and each tree leaf-per unit of dignity. love when Tide mind sometimes, too, like the high water of the river; Sometimes the mind space dished out, like sharing drying riverbed in light stripes on the rocks; Sometimes hearts lumps and lubricate. Rainwater long as cloaked in the moon sometimes Men Men, as the fuel is not strong burning firewood.

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

all of them is true