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March 15, 2009

niu kunshan is one of my friends.he is 37 years old.he is a trader.his business is selling coal.he trades in coals.he is a coal merchant.his company has a capital of $1000,000.now he hopes to do foreign trades.it is a chance to his dream to meet zahir.

zahir said that he  came to china for business.i don't know he is for what business.how old is he?where is he?which province?which city?does he eager to meet us in our city?he has called me for several times.but i still don't know more about him,because my  oral english is too bad.i still can not hold communionwith him deeply.

March 13, 2009

last night,at about 10 o'clock,my phone rang suddenly.when i took it up,someone spoke to me in english.i knew immediately that it must be the foreign friend of niu kunshan ,they met in ulumqi airport yesterday.niu kunshan could not talk with him, he connected  me and let him talk with me.but i talked with him hardly ,too.at last i  can only tell my phone code and say goodbye hurrily.now,i still could not talk with hime easily.so i asked him to send message to me by mobile phone.i knew at last  that he is an afghanistani,not from pakistan i had  thought in the morning.his name is zahir.i invited him to visit my home,and told him  my home address.

February 20, 2009

One day ,a hungry wolf was wandering for food,and he suddenly found three man.they were Clinton, Putin and Jiang-Zemin.The wolf would eat Clinton first.In haste,Clinton said,"Donnot eat me, dont eat me !I have dollars for you."The wolf then turned to Putin.Putin said,"Donot eat me too.I have beautiful Russian girls."The wolf then to Jiang Ze-min,Jiang said,"Donot eat me too.""What can you allow me then?"the wolf asked.Jiang thought for a while and answered ,"We have the Party."To hear that,the wolf fell on his knees at once .and with tear bursting his eyes,he said,"I  find my organization finally!"