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January 25, 2013

Hi everyone

As I promised I'll tell you how living in Finland is. Obviously from a personal point of view.

To start I need to comment that I live in Turku, an old city in the southwest of Finland. It is 2,5 hours away from Helsinki, the capital city, if you take the bus.

The most important attraction for tourists is Turku's Cathedral. It's located in the city center and close to Aura river. It was built in the XIV century but it has been modified as time passed because the city suffered many fires during its history. 

I've taken several pictures of this Cathedral during different seasons (late summer, fall and winter) . It's quite big and beautiful I hope you enjoy these images.

Comments are welcomed!

See you in the next entry

PS: I couldn't upload the pictures in this post :(. This editor is not working. So I put the images in other server...please follow the next link :)



02:19 AM Jan 26 2013



P.S. means post scriptum is similar to P.D. (post data) is like an endnote :)

06:57 PM Jan 25 2013


Yea, i'll bea waiting for your next story .. 

Describe it detailly if you don't mind, so that i can prescribe accurately in my mind.. :)

Thank you Xin,
By the way, what's the meaning of P.S.?

I'm sorry, honestly i didn't know yet bout that . XD 

08:36 AM Jan 25 2013



Hi! welcome to my blog!  I'll be updating this constantly.

Thanks for your comment :) and see you next time!

P.S. I changed the link because the one I put  was not working :(. I thought It was a problem of my computer...now I hope that the ebaby staff fix the editor

08:26 AM Jan 25 2013


Though it is short, but your story is an entertaining one. :)

I'm gonna be your story subscriber, may i? 

Wonder when i'm able to go there .. :)

Yupz, i experienced the same, the editor doesnt work well somehow, failed to insert pics .. :) 

January 24, 2013

I moved to Finland in September last year to study some courses at the university. My company sent me together with other colleagues to complete an specialization program.

The cultural impact was shocking for me at the beginning. As everything is in swedish or finnish on the streets I felt so upset because I couldn't understand what was going. After several month here that picture hasn't change very much but now I'm able to accept the cultural differences and specially the weather!

In my city of origin the minimum temperature is around -1°C in winter and the maximun around 34°C in summer. But here I've been exposed to extremely low temperatures... -17°C and even less. When I have to go out I feel that I become a snowman hehehe

There's only 6 month left and I want to learn as much as possible and come back to see my family and friends again.

I want to share some pictures in ebaby and comment events and experiences that take place during my stay in Finland. So check soon my next entry :D

May 15, 2011

Hi people!

As you should know this is the year of rabbitLaughing

I was lucky because I traveled to Taiwan in Chinese new year so everything was rabbit related :) (Have I told you I love rabbits??)

This time I'm sharing with you some picture I took in a Lantern Festival which took place in Miaoli. It was sooo pretty I thought it was a dream ^^

Comments are welcome!

Greetings from Chile

05:22 PM Mar 27 2012



I liked your picture

03:11 PM Jun 04 2011


the picture are very colorfull and the decoration is sweet :) love it

04:54 PM May 24 2011



You took very nice pictures. They are colorful!